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Response from Gene Aleci
The architect of this concept must be a genius ! Brilliant !
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Mulberry Art Studios, Gallery, Exhibition and Enhanced Reception Center

These plans show two optional uses of existing outdoor space on the site for this two-building arts and reception facility. The owner seeks expanded opportunities to host outdoor social receptions, as well as for a music and performance venue. The site space and buildings are currently owned and operating, and no property acquisition would be needed to accomplish this expansion plan.

"Plan A" shows how the 253 West King Street building could gain increased hospitality and entertainment capacity, accomplish handicapped access without building alterations, and also increase functional possibilities, with the addition of a large porch or terrace. Upper floors have already been re-developed into residential apartments. Residents could also access their apartment entrance by the porch from the parking area.

This plan reconstructs an enlarged version of the c. 1900 porch, patterned on the building's history (see historic photo). The one-story porch addition would expand use options for the building's 1,750 SF of first floor commercial space by augmenting it with more than 1,250 SF of open-air dining/social space. This would also reconnect the building interior with useable side yard space, which has served only as a blacktopped parking lot for many years. Approximately 22 parking spaces are provided. Existing trees could be retained in place. A new 18' wide flowing water course, drawn from a well source beneath the building rear, is designed to en-frame the new porch terrace, and feed two proposed fountains, one in the courtyard and another at the King Street entrance.

The parking area mid-way between the King and Mulberry Street buildings could accommodate outdoor wedding receptions and other events, important revenue-generating business activities for the complex. The proposed porch colonnade and roof could be extended beyond the King Street building to form and en-frame a new 1,750 SF courtyard alongside the existing parking area, and to provide a roofed connection for the two buildings. Within the new courtyard, some 100 to 150 guests could be seated, if desired. This could be designed to accept demountable canopies as well, if a tent-type covering would be desired.

"Plan B" shows how a weekly or monthly outdoor marketplace could be held (in lieu of parking) within the same new courtyard and parking area, providing sufficient room for at least 48 vendors at movable stands or tents.

Parcel Area Square Feet

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Koppenhaver, April

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19-21 N Mulberry St
Lancaster, PA 17603