We see a New American Urban Renaissance coming over the next 10-25 years.

Americans have now seen, in many regions of the nation and the world abroad, how a well-maintained, historic urban vitality can enrich day-to-day quality of life. We’re beginning to rediscover that “the pursuit of happiness” may not necessarily have to lead us to “more and more,” but rather, to “better and better;” toward making the most of what we have, not wasting it, and passing along whatever good things we may have to future generations.

Architecture and the effect we have through its design, on our cities, towns and countryside, is one of the most direct bridges to the future that we humans can create. When shaping our buildings, we not only shape our own lives, but the lives, the economics, and the community experiences of generations to come.

Using urban planning, historic preservation, and architectural techniques, Community Heritage Partners is now beginning to suggest how the West King area can be revitalized through intentional design and development. We have been studying existing configurations, potential new uses, development possibilities, and reinvestment strategies that will build a revitalized and sustainable community.

This planning effort is the seed of what we hope may develop into a more broadly-shared vision for the future of West King and the city we call “Home.”